In 2013, Intuit conducted a customer satisfaction survey as part of its review process for financial services partners. The reviews were then shared with respective companies. We are pleased to share this sampling of reviews shared with us through Intuit's survey process.



"Sherri is fantastic! She did our tax return very quickly. She has a vast knowledge of all things taxes and is willing to take the time to clearly communicate all your options. I highly suggest her for all your tax needs. "


"Sherri really had her hands full when we hired her. I did not do taxes for years or they where not done correctly. I had Sherri do or redo all the years. She was always on top of things. I had a situation so I hired a Tax Lawyer and after talking with the Lawyer he felt very comfortable with my CPA (Sherri) and felt she really knew her stuff. I ended up not needing the lawyer because Sherri really knows her stuff. I would highly recommend her for business taxes or personal taxes, which she did both for us. Thank you Sherri."

Gregory Books 

"I've known Sherri for many years and she has done an excellent job of helping with my taxes. She is thorough and very professional. I highly recommend her."

Jim Wells 

"As a business owner for 40 years I've had a few CPA's assist me and Sherri St ites is the best by far."

Rosemary L. Mann Sep 19, 2013.

"Mrs. Stites stepped in to assist with taxes at a critical time for me. My mother passed away and I had no tax person . She did the taxes quickly and even got a small return for me which I did not expect. She also did my personal taxes with the same efficiency. This made a difficult time so much easier for me and I plan to continue with her as my tax preparer."


"Sherri Stites assisted my business when we changed from a sole-prop to a corporation. Her expertise in navigating the insanely confusing tax code/laws assisted us in deciding what type of corporation (S or C) to become and file as. Little did we know that her due-diligence would eventually save us a huge amount of issues later on. We had a large embezzlement situation, including money for taxes not being passed on to the agencies (DOR/IRS). Because of the way we were structured, we were able to negotiate with the various agencies on a level we would NOT have been able to simply as a different corporation filing. It saved us tens of thousands of dollars in penalty fees, and allowed us to protect our personal assets from the resulting situation. We had other CPAs question why we were setup the way we were, but after our situation, both of them agreed it couldn't have been done better (even though THEY wouldn't have done it that way!)"


"Customer service is spectacular. Had not filed in a couple years and she prepared both my business and personal tax returns. They were completed very quickly and accurately. I had no problem getting an appointment and she even stayed late one night because i could not get there during the day. Obvious that she cares about her clients. "


"This lady really know her stuff. Answered all my questions without talking down to me. Understood what I was asking her and she cost less then the people dressed up in the costumes on the street. Highly Highly recommend. I will be going back to her every year. "


"I had been going to another accountant for 5 years before deciding to try Ms. Stites this year. I ended up paying much less for her services than I had been paying for the people at the other company to do my taxes. I also ended up with a significantly larger refund than I received in past years. This may be because of other factors, but I felt that Sherri was very knowledgeable about everything that could be taken into account. She communicated that I was important and I was aware that she was not going to rush me or do a rush job on my taxes that would result in something being missed. I have a busy schedule and it is sometimes difficult to arrange an appointment time. She was very accommodating and again respectful of my needs. I will absolutely go back to her next year since I am quite pleased with myself for discovering her. "